I’m devastated to write this.  It’s taken me over a week to sit down and write this post, primarily because I still have a hard time believing it.  We lost our Bree last week to Lyme’s disease.  We took her up to the vet because she seemed a little bit “off” and because she had just been bred I was concerned that she might be a bit dehydrated.  No one was very concerned at first, primarily because she wasn’t exhibiting any signs of being particularly sick, just “off”.  Over the next six days, she just got sicker and sicker and eventually, Mark and I had to let our vibrant, happy, wonderful much-too-young dog go on to the next stage in her journey.

Needless to say, it’s been very, very sad around here.  The bond we have with our dogs is hard to explain, but I can say that the ones who are born into your hands take a giant piece of your heart when they leave.  Mark and Bree had an extraordinary bond – she adored him to the point of worship and that feeling was reciprocated.
I want to say that we’ve had amazing support from our veterinary team and from our good friends.  I can’t thank the people around us enough.  For sharing in our sorrow and for supporting us in moving on.
For those of you who were expecting a Bree and Drake puppy, we’ll be in touch over the next week or so.  As I said, we’re really struggling to cope with this senseless loss, but we certainly understand that you’ve lost as well.  We’re putting out some feelers to make other plans and want to get some of that nailed down before we call.