Bree, Crispin, Ranger

Crispin beating her ribbon to death

Look mom, I can hold it!

Bree, Crispin and Ranger did very well at Mountain Valley’s WC test on Thursday night.  The club does the test every 2nd Thursday throughout the summer at Christie Conservation Area.  Ranger and Bree passed their WCI (Working Certificate Intermediate) – which consists of a double retrieve on land, with an honour and a double retrieve on water.  Crispin passed her WC – which consists of 2 singles on land and 2 single on water.

Other people’s dogs hold their ribbons nicely in their mouths to get their photos taken.  Our dogs think it’s a fun game to either rip the ribbons out of the other dogs’ mouths of to kill the ribbon until it’s dead…
Wendy Hunter and Leia (Tidewaters Lady of Leisure) did a great job running and passing their WCX.  Although Wendy said she was very nervous, she looked like an old hand…and you couldn’t ask for a better performance from Leia.