Mark with Sage, doing some de-cheating.

 Mary and Rowan practicing HRC set ups.

Crispin learning to wait patiently. The leash helps.

We had a lot of fun in Kentucky this year.  The dogs got lots of water work under their belts and Mark and I both relaxed and enjoyed the time just hanging out with the dogs.  Don’t get me wrong – getting up at 6 a.m. and training and caring for 8 dogs is not exactly lying on the couch eating bonbons, but it sure is enjoyable and all that fresh air and sunshine sure beats working in an office every day.  
It’s amazing to me just how fit dogs become after swimming every day for 5 weeks straight.  Everybody toned up and came back home happy and healthy.  The tick population was horrible, so we spent a bunch of time picking ticks off everybody, which is an exercise unto itself.  Ick. They sure are horrid little disease carrying creatures.