We have had a very busy week at the Tidewater homestead. Puppies are starting to require A LOT of attention. We’ve had visitors pretty much every day, which is awesome puppy socialization, and fun for us, but makes for a busy household. We’ve been working hard at keeping our big dogs fed, walked, trained and looked after. We also have had a visit from Sage who is Ranger’s littermate. On top of all the excitement, Mark’s been working some significant overtime and his “real” job and we got a call earlier this week that his dad, who lives down East, had taken ill and was in the hospital. He’s doing much better now, so that’s a relief. So, like I said, busy, busy, busy.
We’ll be in touch this week with all our puppy owners to firm up times and dates for going through paperwork and taking puppies home. Looking forward to seeing you all!