About Us

Mark Edwards was born in Nova Scotia and is an avid waterfowl hunter who spends weeks annually in Saskatchewan hunting waterfowl and the occasional upland bird.  He has hunted every province in Canada (except Nfld).  He started training retrievers in 1987.  He owned and trained Bartley, the first conformation champion/master hunter in Canada.  Mark also owned and trained Canada’s first Golden Retriever Grand Master Hunter, Nala.  He currently owns one of North America’s most accomplished Retrievers. Drake is Canada’s youngest Grand Master Hunter, a Master National qualifier, Canada’s first 500 point Golden, a titled Upland Hunter who qualified in 77 out of 82 trials entered.

Mark has run dogs at the highest levels in hunt clubs all over Canada and the US and is a Master level judge.  For the past seven years, Mark has offered classes for people interested in training hunting and hunt test dogs. 

Mary Barrett spent a great deal of her childhood learning the art of breeding and training dogs from her Scottish gamekeeper grandfather, one of Canada’s most respected breeders, trainers and handlers of dual champion Labradors .  Mary has trained retrievers since childhood and currently owns competitive obedience Golden Retrievers who have been very successful in their careers with multiple high in trial and high in class scores.  Her dogs also enjoy agility, rally and hunt tests and are well known for their happy attitudes and accurate work. Pictured left: Mary and her first Golden love, "Casey", Falcon Lake’s Golden Pegasus who was owned by her grandfather.

Together, we own and operate Tidewater Golden Retrievers.  We’re recognized for breeding multifaceted, versatile Golden Retrievers who are great hunters, dog sport competitors, working dogs and family members.  We spend a great deal of time and effort in breeding for the temperament we’re known for and in working with our puppies to ensure that the transition from the litter to their new homes is as seamless as possible.  We’re also well known for our well trained, very successful working dogs.  We believe that nothing is more pleasurable than hunting with, and working with, a well trained dog.  We currently work with more than twenty dog and handler teams on a regular basis.  Our students have achieved some of the highest titles in North America.  Feedback from our students indicates that what they appreciate most is our ability to understand what motivates dogs and handlers and our ability to translate motivation into results. 

We are proud members of

  1. Canadian Kennel Club www.ckc.ca
  2. American Kennel Club www.akc.org
  3. Hunting Retriever Club www.huntingretrieverclub.org
  4. Golden Retriever Club of Canada www.grcc.net
  5. Golden Retriever Club of America www.grca.org
  6. Central Kentucky Retriever Club http://www.ckrc.us/

We wish to thank the following people and organizations who help us train and look after our dogs: