Taygold’s Blyth Amber Spirit “Amber”

Amber was Mary’s first Golden.  She was the typical “bullet-proof” golden retriever – happy to go anywhere and do anything with anybody. She loved the cottage more than any place on the planet.  When I’d start to pack up to leave, she’d stick her head under the bed – yes, her whole body was sticking out, but if she couldn’t see the packing up process, maybe she could stay. She trained Autumn to retrieve when Autumn was a puppy.  Amber would take a ball, go to the top of the stairs or a hill and pitch the ball down and watch Autumn run off and bring it back and then they’d start the game all over again.

I loved her with all my heart and was so sad when she finally left me at age 15.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Amber in Algonquin
Amber in the lake
Amber in her bed

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