Remember these babies?  I sure do – they must be the most photographed golden retriever puppies on the planet.  They are our Rowan and Leia puppies from December, 2010.  Mark bought me a new camera for my Christmas that year…and I opened it on Christmas Day.  The day these babies were born.  
And why are we headed down this memory lane you ask?  Well, two of those babies are going to be mommies this year.  We’ve done health clearances for Bella and for Reba and with the very fantastic, generous support of their owners in allowing us to lease their girls, we’re going to have puppies!
Bella is in season now.  She came in at the Clearance Clinic on the weekend which was a bit earlier than we expected, but not a bad thing, considering her clearances went so well.  So, she’ll be bred this spring with puppies anticipated late June/early July.  We’ll breed Reba in the fall.  
We have a huge hole to fill in our hearts, missing our sweet Bree.  Puppies will go a long way to making that hole feel a little smaller.