As I’m mentioned many times before, dog breeding makes you humble.  You imagine you have some control over your breeding program and when you’re going to breed and when you’re going to have puppies, and then Mother Nature laughs her head off and throws you a curve ball.
This week’s curve ball is that Bella came in season.  Yay, for all those waiting for a Bella puppy!  We were intending to breed Bella to a lovely dog in Ohio named Beau-D.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but Bella decided that she wouldn’t make it easy for us and instead of ovulating on day 10 or so, she did it on day 5, with no time for us to get semen shipped or even for us to get her down to Ohio to have a date with Beau-D.  So, on to Plan B.  We bred Bella to Tex.  Tex is officially Amigold Texas Holdem CD SH WCX CCA.  He is owned by our friend, Tim Marshall, and lucky for us, lives down the street.  We have always intended to breed to Tex, but hadn’t yet made plans to do so.  However, Tim was kind enough to help us out and make Tex available.
Tex is certainly everything we look for in a stud dog.  He is a fun and enthusiastic worker with a great temperament.  He has a great pedigree and excellent health clearances. The fact that we train with him and know him well is a great bonus for us.  We’re very much looking forward to Tex and Bella babies!