Last week was exciting in our house.  Crispin was in standing heat, so that made Ranger and Rowan silly.  We’ve taken to calling Ranger “the whistler” because the noise he makes in professing his love for his sister is a high pitched squeal, in the same vein as nails on a blackboard.  Rowan, however, hums.  It’s also annoying, but not on the same scale. And Crispin is not his sister, so it’s not weird. Crispin does not like to be in season, because she’s forced to wear what we call “the fancy pants” which are basically like a diaper for dogs, to keep the house clean.  I think she thinks it’s beneath her dignity.

Long story short, Crispin and Rowan have been bred.  We’ll ultrasound to see if we have puppies on the way during the first week of February.