I’ve been struggling pretty hard with losing my Autumn. She was very aptly named – this was our favorite time of year to go for walks and do stuff outside, but she also liked to hang out as I cooked in the kitchen or sewed or just hung around the house. We spent so much time together that my mind still sees her everywhere. I know 10 is not a bad life span for a Golden, but I don’t feel like we were quite done doing everything we wanted to do together.

Of great help in the healing process has been my little Crispin. We went for a long walk yesterday at one of our local conservation areas. Crispin tried out the water (it was too cold for swimming, in my opinion, but she didn’t agree). She followed Drake into the pond and splashed around like she’d been swimming for years.

While no one will ever replace my Autumn, Crispin has been helping me feel not-so-sad.

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