Earlier this week, a bunch of us were chatting on Facebook about ticks and tick diseases, in particular about Lyme’s.

We work really hard at making sure our dogs are happy and healthy – but sometimes it’s really, really hard to wade through everybody’s opinions, conflicting research, what your vet knows, what your fellow breeder and dog sport enthusiasts know. We work with a few vets with our dogs who are experts in their field and sometimes even their opinions conflict.

Danielle sent a link to a website owned by Christie Keith and her mother Kathleen McKenzie who breed Scottish Deerhounds (Caber Feidh). I loved what Christie had to say about all this:

“…There are thousands of email lists and websites out there, filled with so much information it’s hard to sort it all out. There are cliques and camps and controversies. How do you know who to believe and what is true?

It’s our earnest hope that each of you will stop looking for the One True Answer and instead, start using your minds and instincts to find the way that is best for you and the animals in your care. While there are tips and tricks and insights that more experienced people can share with you, ultimately it doesn’t matter what I say, or what your veterinarian says, or what your dog’s breeder says, or what some guru on an email list says (even if that guru is ME!). All that matters is what feels right to you and what works for your animals.”

I love that someone has put into words what I feel in my heart. So for any of you who have our puppies or just want to talk about the best thing to do for the animals in your care – we’re always happy to share our knowledge, thoughts and opinions. We do lots and lots of research on things like vaccinations, medication and Golden Retriever health concerns, but regardless of what we think, ultimately you gotta go with your gut.