SHR CH Tidewaters Highland Dancer Can/Am WC
We lost our Bree to Lyme’s disease this winter. It’s still too raw for us to talk about in any detail and to give her the recognition on this page that she deserves. We can say that we miss her with all our hearts and that we’ll come back and leave a more fitting memorial when the pain of losing her is a bit less sharp. We have fantastic memories of our Bree and she’s left her legacy in her offspring.



Taygold’s Blyth Amber Spirit “Amber”
Amber was Mary’s first Golden.  She was the typical “bullet-proof” golden retriever – happy to go anywhere and do anything with anybody. She loved the cottage more than anyplace on the planet.  When I’d start to pack up to leave, she’d stick her head under the bed – yes, her whole body was sticking out, but if she couldn’t see the packing up process, maybe she could stay. She trained Autumn to retrieve when Autumn was a puppy.  Amber would take a ball, go to the top of the stairs or a hill and pitch the ball down and watch Autumn run off and bring it back and then they’d start the game all over again.  I loved her with all my heart and was so sad when she finally left me at age 15.



GMH Brimac’s Lil Red Devil Can Am WCX MH
Nala was Bart’s daughter.  She finished her AKC MH at age 2, and then she became the house dog for the next three years while the kids were young.  She trained once in a while when I had time, and we went on our annual Saskatchewan hunting trip together.   When I finally decided to breed her, I kept another little bad red devil named Drake.  When Drake was a year old, I decided I needed to start training again. Nala and Drake trained together and within 3 months, she ran her first Canadian Master Hunter test.  Without losing a beat, she qualified 15 out of 16 trials that summer.  She went on to become Canada’s first Grand Master Hunter Golden Retriever.






WR Can. CH Happy Acres Sir Lance Lote Can/Am CDX WCX MH O/S
Bartley was the first dog Mark ever owned.  I knew nothing about health clearances or how to purchase a dog from a good breeder, I only knew what I liked in a look.   I was referred to Dan & Shirley Petko of Happy Acres Kennels who, as time went by, became my very good friends.  Shirley picked Bart out for me as a pet dog. At one year of age, we were introduced to WC and Hunt test program.  Over the next few years, we both started to learn how to work together.  At age 3, Bart finished his show championship, CD and CDX with ease.  At age 4, he earned his AKC Master Hunter.  At that time there were only 3 or 4 golden retrievers in Canada and the US that had achieved a show championship and master hunter.  If I believed what I read in training books and articles I read over the years, most of them would have directed me to not train a dog like this as he was “just a show dog”.  He picked up thousands of birds in his lifetime, all over North America - the Atlantic, the Pacific, James Bay.  He was the dog who taught me how to train and teach.




Taygolds Amber Autumn CDX RA WC
We lost our Autumn dog in October 2011. Autumn was Mary’s first “official” obedience dog. She was the perfect “learner” dog – always happy to do anything I asked her to do and very forgiving of a first timer’s mistakes. She was my constant companion, sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on through my bad times and my good times.  She was a sweet and energetic and fun and she greeted everyone with a big, toothy smile. She loved nothing more than swimming, tennis balls and often performed the “kibble dance” before her meals. Autumn earned her CD and CDX with multiple HICs and got a HIT her first time ever in the obedience ring.  She also has her Rally Novice and Advanced titles with multiple HICs and a few perfect scores.  She was working on her OTCh when she passed away at 10 years old.





HRCH UH Bridgeton’s Princess of Thieves SH Can/Am WCX
We lost our Destiny in September of 2010. Destiny LOVED Mark with all her heart. Whenever he’d leave the house for any length of time, she would pace in front of the door until he returned. Her favourite place to be in the world was stretched out across Mark’s lap. She was a great working dog who tried so hard with everything she did. She loved to hunt ducks and geese in Saskatchewan, and she absolutely adored upland hunting. Destiny was the best mommy. She had 3 litters of puppies and the love and attention she lavished on them was second to none. We take so much joy in seeing pieces of her in her puppies as they grow up. Destiny was only 6 years old when she left us - much too young.