Barb shooting for Tex and Tim



Mark and Ranger


Mark explaining that he missed because he had a feather in his eye.  Barb and Tim not buying it.

Paul and Sage

Cider, the bird plucker



Ranger practicing in the dog blind

Levi thought the dog blind was very fun  
Levi is pretty intent on watching her bird

Terry came out and helped shoot

We had a great time today shooting for our dogs today out at Bill Bridge’s in Port Perry.  We invited some friends to come out and play with their dogs too.  It was a great warm up for the dogs who are headed into hunting season and a really good time for everyone else.  Rowan and Crispin aren’t represented in our photos because I was running the camera and those two dogs, but I can assure you that they had much fun too!  Thanks to Bill for inviting us out and for sharing some of his training grounds and to Willie and his family for allowing us to make a whole bunch of noise at the back of his yard!