Bree’s babies arrived Good Friday – a bit earlier than we expected. We were out training in Paris and she had her first puppy in the back of the truck. That wee boy was followed in short order by 3 more in the truck on the drive home and 2 more when we got here. She is certainly an efficient whelper! Yesterday (on my birthday) they were 2 weeks old. Their little eyes are starting to open and they are starting to respond when I call “puppy, puppy, puppy”. The larger, blonde boy taught himself to roll over yesterday and proceeded to roll himself all around the box. It was highly entertaining. Mark’s keeping a boy from this litter, so he’s excited to see how they’re growing up.

Mark’s in Kentucky at Cliff and Helen Romain’s. He’s enjoying the lovely weather and has been able to get the dogs in the water every day, so they’re getting prepared for this season’s hunt tests. Bree’s home with me and the puppies. Autumn stayed behind so we could concentrate on her utility training. Drake’s here too – he was waiting for a girl to arrive for a breeding. The breeding didn’t pan out, but Drake doesn’t seem to mind hanging out on the couch. A couple of Drake puppies went with Mark. Duncan & Julia’s Decoy and Barbara and Katherine’s Teya went sound on vacation and are having fun swimming and picking up ducks. Rowan and Destiny ran an HRC test last weekend. Row got his first Finished pass and Destiny picked up Finished points as well.