Early in the week, we found our VOICES. It’s very funny to watch puppies learn to bark. When I went to look in the whelping box to see what all the fuss was about – they were just standing there barking at each other. Very funny.

Since then, we’ve had all kinds of excitement. We’re getting weaned, so there’s pablum to be had (which is really puppy food ground up in the blender, mixed with water). Now that there are teeth involved in feeding, Bree’s not very happy about nursing, so that’s coming to an end.

Puppies are learning to play with toys. They’re experiencing all kinds of changes to their environment. They’ve been out on the slippery kitchen floor and have had their first adventures outdoors. They’ve had close encounters with the vacuum and the hose. I must say, these are very confident puppies – nobody has even flinched from new things so far.