Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted. We’ve had a tough time around the Tidewater household in the past few weeks and we’ve been a bit distracted. As most of you know, I lost my Autumn dog earlier this year, and I’ve had a really tough time working through that. We also recently lost a litter of puppies. We bred Cassie to Drake in the fall, and anticipated her puppies the first week of February. About 10 days before her puppies were due, we heard from Helen that Cassie had started to give birth (the plan was that she would come to our house to do that). The survival rate for puppies who are born that early is virtually non-existant – so much development happens in the last 10 days. However we did have 3 viable puppies. We spent a few sleepless nights and a few visits to the vet and some tube feeding and a bunch of time getting puppies to nurse, but to no avail. We lost the whole litter of 5. So, there have been many tears and “what-ifs” and some very disappointed future puppy owners. The good news is that Cassie did very well through everything and is doing just fine. We’ve rearranged our breeding plans for this year and hopefully will be able to accomodate pretty much everyone who has been waiting, but it’s heartwrenching to go through all that and we’ll sure miss having babies around this winter.