Rowan and I went to the Cavalier club’s obedience trial today. We had lots of fun and I was very happy to hang out with some old friends and make some new ones. We went to the correction match last night and had a disasterous run through. Rowan was a GIANT goof ball. I don’t think he completed one exercise. So, what did we learn? Rowan needs a much longer warm up. So, today we went to the trial early, got Rowan into the building and settled, had him warm up in the hall and in the parking lot. HUGE difference. He did such a great job. One thing we didn’t warm up was drop on recall because, frankly, he’s never had an issue. Well, today he did. In both trials we did a “sit” on recall. Not quite what the exercise is, so two NQ scores. Oh well. I was thrilled with how nicely he worked, particularly after last night’s icky experience.

So, tomorrow is another day and we’re aiming for 2 Qs. Wish us luck!