Here’s our note from Jacob about his experiences training Sly. Jacob Grossman is Cliff and Helen’s grandson who is a pretty amazing dog trainer – with a pretty amazing dog.

“I have had Sly since I was 8 years old. He will be 7 years old on august 17. I ran him in his first trial when he was one. Since then we have ran 25 test and passed 21. I got his started title in 2005, his seasoned title in 2006, his junior title in 2006, his senior title in 2008, his HRCH in 2009, and I recently got his first master pass on 4/3/11.

Sly is a very reliable dog, he is with me hunting as much as he can be. I am going to get his hips and eyes checked as soon as possible to try and start breeding. With the pedigree he has I am sure he is capable of producing a very nice litter.”