Welcome to the world little ones.  On Wednesday morning, Reba gave birth to 3 boys and 4 girl puppies.  We were a bit worried when she was in labour a bit longer than we were comfortable with, so off we went to the vet.  Apparently we were a little overprotective, because Reba proceeded to have a whole crop of happy, healthy babies with no problems what-so-ever.  Mark helped Reba deliver 3 in the back of the truck on the drive to the vet.  After we pried him out of the pretzel position that required, she had the rest at the vet’s office where we could monitor heartbeats and make sure the longer labour had no ill effects.  |She handled the whole thing like a trooper and once she started, she finished quite quickly. 
Mark and I haven’t slept much and are getting babies and momma settled into a routine that works for everyone.  For those of you who have a puppy reserved from the litter, please be patient.  Mark will be in touch over the next few days – right now, our priority is momma and babies (and our other dogs, of course). Please watch the blog for updates and photos – it’s fun to watch them grow…and man, they grow FAST!  I’ll post at least weekly – some weeks more, some weeks less, depending on what’s going on.