Great day today training with a fun group of dogs. Every one did really well. We ran some doubles for those dogs working on their WCIs and moving on to Senior Hunter and then some singles for those preparing for the upcoming WCs and JHs. Mark set up a land test on the cut grass in one of the industrial parks near Milton. We had wingers on one mark and a hand thrown on the other. The challenge was to get the dogs to look away from the very visible bank of wingers to focus on the not-so-visible gunner. All the handlers did a great job getting the dogs to focus on the correct mark.

For the water test, we all rang singles. There was a considerable wind on the pond, stiring up the water. Mark set up the test so the dogs would get some practice running into wind. Some dogs found that to be a pretty big challenge, but they worked through it.

We finished in the early afternoon before it got too stinking hot.

This is Brodie (Flat Coated Retriever), coming back on her water mark.

Lexi (Golden Retriever) is just 6 months old, but really loving the whole retriever thing. She went out in the water and did a REALLY long mark.

Raven (Labrador Retriever) waited patiently for her turn. Raven did a great job today learning to be a bit more patient when waiting in the holding blinds.