We held a trial prep day today for our group of regular trainers. Mark set up a junior hunter type scenario on land and a combination WC/JH scenario on the water. We visited a new pond…well, new to us…so the dogs got to see something a bit different. All the dogs and handlers did well. We ran into a few issues that are better seen at a training day than at a trial, so we were able to work through some of those “what do I do if that happens at a trial” questions. Marjie is back from a few weeks off with a hurt foot, but she got right back in the swing of things.
A few of us are running the Mountain Valley WC test in a week or so and a few are running some upcoming hunt tests so the timing of the training was good. For those of you who think I only take pictures of gold dogs…here are a few of dogs of a different colour.