Golden Retriever Training


Our most popular option is our classes that teach you to train your own dog, for hunting or hunt tests.  Classes run throughout the year and are customized to the goals and needs of the handlers/dogs in each session.  As skills in these classes built throughout the session, these classes are only available as a session of (generally) 8 classes, offered 4 times throughout the year.  Two levels of classes are currently being offered:

Hunting Foundations Level 1 & 2

This class is suitable for dogs who are in their first- or second-year hunting or who are wanting to run Working Certificate, Working Certificate Intermediate or Junior Hunter.  This class focuses on:

  • Coming to the line under control
  • Delivery to hand
  • Single marks
  • the use of decoys, shooting, duck calls
  • transition to double marks and marking concepts
  • teaching steadiness without compromising desire
  • honouring
  • tools and techniques handlers can use to make your dog as successful as possible

Trial Ready

This class is suitable for dogs who are trial ready or who have achieved a WC, WCI or Junior Hunter, or who have hunted for two seasons. This class focuses on:

  • T-work
  • Lining drills
  • Whistle sit
  • Handling for marks and blinds
  • School, teaching and cold blinds

Dogs in this class must be steady.  The emphasis in this class is the tools required by the handler to ensure the dog’s success

Joe and Striker High Flyers HRC test 2 passes towards their Championship

Private Lessons/Trouble Shooting

As a long time competitor and Master level judge, Mark has great perspective on common problems and solutions to improving your communication with your dog.  Private lessons can be one-on-one or groups of up to three people.  Get to the root of your dog’s problem to strengthen his understanding of what’s expected from him and improve his consistency.

Please contact us to arrange a time and place.

Puppies start training very early


Seminars are available for groups of 4 – 12 people.  Mark discusses the training method that has made him so successful over the past 25 years.  The difference between Mark’s philosophy and many others is that there is no force involved.  The emphasis is on building your relationship with your dog and teaching skills your retriever will use throughout his career as your hunting dog, your hunt test competitor and your family member.

Customized Seminars

Seminars can be customized for your group and generally cover:

  • Getting started. Using fun and play to build drive and enthusiasm for retrieving and working with you.  Things to do when starting retrieving with an older dog – how to un-do some of the things you’ve inadvertently taught your dog about retrieving and picking up dead things.
  • Training tools. A discussion of tools that are worth the money…and those that aren’t.
  • Marking. The importance and techniques of marking. Why single marks are the most important tool in your retrieving toolbox and how to teach concepts in context.
  • Transitioning from Junior/Started to the next level. Tools and techniques handlers need to use to make this transition successful.
  • Clear and Consistent handling and how important that is to a successful team.
  • Transitioning from land to water. How to teach concepts on land that can be easily transitioned to water.
  • Building Confidence. Setting up your training to build confidence and drive.
Mark explaining why where the dog is position while you're on the bucket is important

In-Home Gun Dog Training

We offer in-home gun dog training on a very limited basis.  The goal of this service is to develop and deliver a gentleman’s hunting dog.  These dogs live in our home, are worked every day and develop the ability, manners and temperament to become a truly excellent gun dog and in-home companion.  Please contact us to determine if this service is right for your dog.

Duncan and Jake duck hunting

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