The absolute worse thing about dog breeding is that you that you have absolutely no control. Someone like Mark, who, I swear, has more patience than anyone I know, is ideally suited to this calling. For someone like me, whose kindergarten report card and every other piece of feedback from anyone, anywhere, ever since has said “Mary needs to learn patience”…not so much.

Cassie decided she didn’t want to come in season this spring, so we’ve come up with plan B. Cassie will be bred in the fall and we’ll breed Bree this spring (that’s Bree enjoying the beach last fall). I think we’ve been in touch with everyone on our reservation list, but if not, please give us a call and we’ll fill you in. Cycle-wise, Bree’s about a month behind Cassie, so we’re expecting her to be in season any day now. So, along with waiting for April showers to turn to May flowers, and waiting for this stupid finger to heal so I can type properly (I slammed it in a winger – but that’s a whole other story)…we’re waiting for puppies. Still.