We had a big snow storm this weekend.  Well, as big a snow storm as Southern Ontario gets.  We decided it would be a great time to get our Christmas card photo taken.  It’s a tradition we do every year – take a photo of the dogs and send it out to wish our friends a wonderful Christmas.  This is the field where we walk the dogs.

We decided that, since there are no coniferous trees in the fields where we walk the dogs, we’d bring our own.  This is our porch tree. It’s fake.

We carefully parked so that we wouldn’t pack all the snow down with foot prints and tire tracks.

Mark brought the dogs up to the tree.  It is Mark’s job to keep doggies from running like wild things in the area where they usually run like wild things.  Lucky Mark.  You’ll notice the “mature dog” (that’s Cider) doesn’t really understand the concept.

Mark got the dogs sat down beside the tree, without the boys peeing on the tree.  Good dogs.  Good Mark.

And then we took a couple of shots to find a good one to work with the concept.  One where everyone’s eyes are open and they’re all looking in the same general direction – preferably at the camera.

 Crispin found a way to keep herself entertained, even while sitting still.  

She then made a run for it.  Sitting for portraits is BORING!

Alright, game over – and the walk begins.  Please, boys, don’t pee on the tree…
Watch for the Christmas card coming to your mailbox…I have 70 or so shots to pick from.  But I already have a favorite.